Friday, October 31, 2008

giddy up!

You know you have too much time on your hands when you randomly start looking through all the treasures for sale in the Facebook Marketplace.

Best thing I found: Child's 13" Western Rawhide Saddle, hardly used, excellent condition. Only $475 (Is this a deal? Only children's rawhide saddle afficionados would know.) Also available are a pony bridle and other pony-related gear. I wonder what happened. Some kid was living the dream of having your own pony, and something obviously went wrong.

As a kid I wanted a horse, and had dreams that I got one and it lived in the park in our backyard. In reality, the closest I got was a couple of hours a week learning to be a cowgirl. On Saturday mornings I would put on my boots and my parents would drop me off at Miracle Ranch for riding lessons. I would come home, sometimes after lunch at the Spud Stop with my dad, and my sisters would tell me I stunk like horse poo. I would sit in the backyard and scrape the manure off my boots, not really caring that I was stinky. I think many kids have this dream, to be a cowboy or girl, ridin' on the open prairie with your trusty horse, Rusty, as your companion. I don't really know what happened, I guess my interest sort of petered out, so it's probably for the best I never did get a horse, or Rusty would be grazing, neglected in a field, the kind of horse who has a matted mane and a little too much rib sticking through his coat.

It kind of makes me sad to see this little kid's dreams crushed and all that remains is a Facebook ad. But the saddest part is really that I spent time not only looking at this ad, but then deciding to spend my time writing about it...

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